AML Training

Anti-Money Laundering(AML) training is to be completed every 2 years and carriers require a Completion Certificate to verify that you have completed the course (unless it is taken thru LIMRA).   There are some carriers that only accept LIMRA completion of AML.   When the AML course is completed, please forward your certificate to our office to Karen Reece at

If completed through your Broker/Dealer, most carriers will accept this.  Remember to print the completion certificate and send to our office.  If you do not have a broker/dealer and need to complete your AML training, we recommend the following options:


This is a carrier-sponsored website which means that the carriers have to “register you”.  To see if you are registered, log in to the site. If your log in is successful, you have been registerd by a carrier and are free to complete the course.  If you receive an error message, see the instructions below for WEBCE.   

To access via LIMRA: 

  1. Visit           
  2. Login is first 4 characters of your last name + last 6 of your SSN
  3. Password for first time is entire last name.  If you have logged in before and do not remember your existing password, select “Forgot Password” and you will need to answer the security question to reset.
  4. The course(s) you need to complete will be listed. 
  5. Complete the courses.
  6. Courses are free.
  7. Once completed, please print the screen of the completion page (landscape orientation) and send to Karen Reece via email or fax.  


If you cannot log into LIMRA, we recommend to complete the course at  It is a very user friendly website and the course fees are reasonably priced.  You will receive a Completion Certificate at the end of the course.  Please forward to Karen Reece via email or fax. 

You can take the course from other websites but please remember to print out your Certificate of Completion.