Licensing & Contracting

Your MarketShare insurance team is a talented and seasoned group that is dedicated to serving you!

We know that the process of sales development, field underwriting, case management and policy approval and delivery can be a very time consuming and frustrating experience.  Our team is able to handle it all for you, which allows you to do what you do best:  take care of your clients!  When you place your insurance, long term care, disability and annuity business through us, you can count on service levels above and beyond what you usually see in the industry.  See how we can help you today!

Policy Review

Reasons to do a Life Insurance Review with your clients:

  • With changes in the interest rates and market performance, older policies should be reviewed to make sure they will stay in force and perform adequately.
  • Your client may have recently experienced a life changing event such as; marriage or divorce, birth of child or grandchild, purchase of new home, need for children’s education, improvement of health or lifestyle alteration, or income change .
  • Some insurance companies have become more aggressive at underwriting various medical conditions, which could equate to lower costs for your client.
  • If your client is a business owner with business coverage, there could have been a change in partners, loss or gain of an employee, change in business value or significant change in cash flow.

Life insurance is an evolving industry, with new products and strategies introduced each year.  Please contact our office to help get you started with advice and tools needed to conduct an effective life insurance review for your client.