March Investor Event: 2022 Market Outlook
The global recovery moves forward, despite fears of COVID virus variants, lingering inflationary pressures and an economic slowdown in China. With U.S. midterm elections on the horizon and the Federal Reserve considering action to curb the rise of inflation, you may have questions about positioning portfolios for the year ahead.

2022 Market Outlook

Insights, Opportunities & Strategies

Hosted by:  Corey Norman, CFP®

Special Guest:  Andy Kruger, Capital Group/American Funds

March 9, 2022

12:30pm EST

In our virtual meeting, we will be joined by Andy Kruger, Divisional Wholesaler, with Capital Group/American Funds, and we’ll address the following:

  1. Insights from our global research network on the forces driving the world’s financial markets
  2. Opportunities and challenges arising from the economic recovery, China, inflation, and more
  3. Investment strategies that can help you pursue balance by reaching across borders and asset classes

Register to attend today!  If you have any questions, please contact me.  I look forward to connecting with you!

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